Beef Suckler Herd.

Our Beef herd consists of about 30 cows with calfs and two Simmental bulls, Nicey and Wallaby. A group of replacement heifers and a youngster group of animals aged between 9 and 30 months.

All beef animals are finished here on the farm and then sold locally to Gribble's Butchers
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Horse hay / haylage.

Home grown small bale hay and round wrapped haylage bales, delivered to our customers or collected if preferred.
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Livery yard.

We have a small DIY Livery yard, our residents have their own grazing, stable, tackroom.
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Free range hens.
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Pork and lamb sales.

Every year we buy a small number of piglets to rear outdoors, they are great little characters, and we are starting to build up a small flock of suffolk x sheep, we started with a couple orphan lambs that were bottle fed.